Top Books for 2019

Can readers ever really narrow down a list?  This has been a year filled with great stories by great authors.  We look forward to what the new year will bring and hope that you have a chance to read what we thought were the best books of 2019!

all manner of things


All Manner of Things by Susie Finkbeiner

This story really struck a chord with everyone who read it.  It made us yearn for simpler times and reminded us of the importance of family.

Read the full review here.






the line between


The Line Between by Tosca Lee

This was on our watch list for the year as soon as we heard about it.  Lee’s ability to bind suspense and tension into a story full of unforgettable characters is why she keeps appearing on this list year after year.

Read the full review here.





single light


A Single Light by Tosca Lee

We didn’t think any other thriller was going to top A Line Between, but Lee managed to do just that with her follow-up in A Single Light.

Read the full review here.






how the light gets in

How the Light Gets In by Jolina Petersheim

Petersheim’s display of raw emotion throughout the pages coupled with her storytelling ability made this modern version of the story of Ruth a shoe-in for a top spot.

Read the full review here.








Synapse by Steven James

James has a masters degree in story telling and he puts it to good use in this supernatural thriller.  If you’ve never picked up one of his books, grab one today.  You’ll be in for an awesome treat.

Read the full review here.







Recursion by Blake Crouch

Crouch has the ability to bring the future to his readers.  His stories are mind blowing and may cause you to put the book down to actually think about what was just read.  This story is no exception.

Read the full review here.





curse of misty wayfair


The Curse of Misty Wayfair by Jaime Jo Wright

This story drew us in from the beginning.  Wright has the ability to unearth her character’s secrets and bring along her readers for a ride.

Read the full review here.






Vow of Justice


Vow of Justice by Lynette Eason

Stories with strong empathy always resonate with us.  The fact that a supporting character connected so strongly to us as well made us choose this for a top spot.

Read the full review here.






the eighth sister


The Eighth Sister by Robert Dugoni

Dugoni’s style of writing always impresses us, which is why he continually shows up for the top of the year picks.  This new series gives us something to look forward to in the coming years.

Read the full review here.





Silence between us


The Silence Between Us by Alison Gervais

This may be a young adult novel, but the message can be applied to everyone!

Read the full review here.







Sins of the Father


Sins of the Father by Vincent B. Davis II

It’s been a while since a new series that we weren’t expecting captivate our attention.  Such a rare treat deserves to be included in our top picks.

Read the full review here.

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