Author: Tracy Wolff

Series: Crave #5

Publisher: Entangled Teen

Release Date: November 8, 2022

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The fifth book in the Crave series is another great read that fans of the series will not want to miss!

What happened during the missing four months while Grace was stone? After coming to Katmere Academy, Grace finds that nothing in her world is as it seems. Now, she is surrounded by Vampires and any and all dangerous creatures she always thought were myth, the most dangerous of all is Hudson Vega. Somehow Grace ends up trapping Hudson and herself in her mind while she is stone. They are trapped together for months, but time doesn’t run the same while trapped in stone. The longer they are together, the more frustrated they become with each other while also growing closer. How are they going to get out and back to their family members and will they be able to do it before it’s too late.

For anyone that has read the Crave series, it is easy to fall in love with these characters and the story created. Tracy Wolff has crafted a world that fans of Harry Potter and the Twilight universe will love, and this latest installment will give readers an inside look at what happened when Grace and Hudson were trapped inside her mind. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this one, but enjoyed the time spent reading it. While I did enjoy it, I wouldn’t say it was my favorite in the series; to be honest, it could have cut out two hundred pages and been just fine. Those two hundred pages caused it to drag some in the middle and had me skimming the pages at times.

The story of what happened with Grace and Hudson while she was stone is something that readers of the series have been wanting to know for a while now. The dynamic between these two is sensational, so much tension driving the story forward that it is hard to not fall in love with what you are reading. I did miss the other characters from the previous novels that added to the dynamic. Even though this series is marketed to teens and young adults, I would not recommend this to younger readers because of the sexual aspects and language. For older more mature readers this will be great addition to a fantastic series.


Author: Tracy Wolff

Series: Crave #3

Publisher: Entangle Teen Books

Release Date: March 2, 2021

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The third book in the fantastic Crave series is not to be missed! Tracy Wolff has crafted characters that readers will fall more in love with and be on the edge of their seat waiting to see if they survive the trials before them!

Grace thought the roughest thing she was going to have to deal with after the death of her parents was moving to Alaska to live with her cousin and uncle. That was, until she finds out she is now at a boarding school for the paranormal and she is a gargoyle, her cousin is a witch, her boyfriend is a vampire and his dead brother who was living in her mind is now alive and saying he is her mate. Katmere Academy has its share of high school drama and now that Grace has found herself in the crosshairs of The Circle and Hudson has an arrest warrant issued for him, she finds herself on the verge of a breakdown trying to figure out what to do and how they are all going to come out of this disaster alive.

I have fallen in love with the entire Crave series and characters. Grace is a fantastic protagonist for this series. A lot of comparison between this and Twilight, but Grace is so much stronger than Bella. She starts the series with the devastation of losing her parents and grows so much stronger through each crazy new even she encounters. In Covet, there is so much going on. This is not a story you can breeze through by any means; it is a lot to unpack and digest but so worth the time spent with these characters and all they go through.

Hudson is probably my favorite character, and to say that after what we are led to think about him in the first book shows how well Tracy Wolff has developed this character. With that said I have to say that all of the characters have amazing arcs and developments from book one until now, each character has shown growth, moments that surprised me and made me have a deeper connection with them and the story.

My one and only complaint about this book is the harsh language, I have let it go through the first two and was hoping it would ease up a little, but it has only gotten more widely used. Good story telling can be done without all that, especially if you are marketing to a young adult audience. It might not bother some and I can look past it for the most part if the storytelling is done well, which it is here, but I still need to say something about it with a YA audience.

That really is my only complaint, this is the kind of story that I can’t wait to finish anything else I have going on and get back to reading to see what is going to happen. The description is also so vivid that as I am reading, I see it playing out like a movie in my mind, not something that happens with every book I read, even though I wish it would. More writers need to look at these kinds of books and apply these methods to their own works. I recommend this book to those that enjoy a great paranormal story with lots of action, love, heart, suspense, and danger at the turn of every page.

I received a complimentary copy of this title from the publisher.  The views and opinions expressed within are my own.


Author: Tracy Wolff

Series: Crave #2

Publisher: Entangled Teen Publishing

Release Date: September 29, 2020

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A fantastic follow up to the smash hit Crave. Crush is even better with so much drama, adventure, excitement and much more. Don’t miss out!

Grace thought she was getting used to life at Katmere Academy; that is, until she is turned into a Gargoyle for months trying to protect Jaxon, her mate from Hudson, from his brother everyone thought was dead. When she returns, she has no memory of her time frozen as a gargoyle. One thing she didn’t expect when returning is she is not alone. Hudson is now living inside her mind and nothing is as it seems. All along she has been told how horrible Hudson was and he had to be stopped, but none of that lines up with the voice in her head. The biggest trials are just ahead and not only is Grace’s life at stake, but also the lives of all that she has come to care about so much in such a short time since arriving at Katmere and discovering that the creatures she read about in fairy tales are actually real and all around her.

Wow! That’s all I can say about this book. For a sequel to come out blazing at page one and not stop is a hard feat to accomplish but Tracy Wolff has nailed it with Crush. So much tension, drama, suspense, action, and oh so much more on every single page! For an almost 700-page book, the action did not slow down which very rare. As I read through this story, I was enchanted to say the least by Grace and all she was going through. The way Wolff brought about the character of Hudson, which readers heard about in book one but to now have him really be a part of the story, and in such a way that is so different than expected, shows how very talented Tracy Wolff is as an author.

Not once throughout the 700 pages did I feel the action slow down, and the ending has left me aching for more. The last several chapters and what Grace had to go through were absolutely worth the buildup and played out beautifully. This was one of those novels that as I’m reading, I can actually see it playing out in my mind as a movie which I love. My one complaint, as with the first book, is that the books is targeted to a young adult audience but has far too much harsh language for my liking when that is the target audience. I know that a lot of people won’t have a problem with that, but for me, especially with a young adult audience, I wish it could have been toned down some. I will say though that the writing had me so captivated that I could glaze over the harsh language and not let it bother me, which showed the writing has to be incredibly good as it was here. Even so, I still am going to recommend this to an older audience for the adult themes. Those that love a great paranormal romance will not want to miss out on this one.

I received a complimentary copy of this title from the publisher.  The views and opinions expressed within are my own.