If I Run – Terri Blackstock

If I runA fast paced mystery that doesn’t disappoint. If I Run by Terri Blackstock is one of her best yet.

When Casey Cox finds her friend murdered she knows she has to run. It will make her look guilty, she knows this, but staying will put her in even more danger.  The police have never been on her side, not since her father died and no one believed her about what happened.  So with no one else to turn to, she runs.

The family of the victim hire Dylan Roberts, a war veteran suffering from PTSD, to find her and bring her back to face the punishment for killing their son.  Dylan wants to prove himself but has a hard time justifying bringing Casey back after looking at the crime scene and evidence, which provides more questions than answers.  He doesn’t believe she could have done what she is being accused of, even though they have never met.  But if she isn’t guilty, why did she run?  While he searches for the truth he finds others are trying to keep that from him which only serves to push him harder to find the truth and possibly get himself in harm’s way as well.

I’ve enjoyed Terri Blackstock’s writing for a few years now and have to say this might be the best yet. The suspense is held throughout and heightened till the very end.  The story takes several turns I wasn’t expecting and greatly enjoyed.  Blackstock has a way of creating characters that make an impact.  Her writing is always topnotch and this is no exception.  There were a few mistakes, using Casey’s real name when it should have been her new identity, but other than that nothing stood out.  Terry Blackstock is a writer I can pick up and enjoy her writing no matter what the book is about.  I recommend this to all.

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