Burning Proof – Janice Cantore

Burning proofAnother great read by Cantore!

Detective Abby Hart is back and is investigating the brutal homicide of a young girl and continuing to gather the evidence she needs to make an arrest. Unfortunately, the arrest doesn’t go as planed.  With this, on top of other troubles, Abby begins to question if being a cop is really what she is meant to do.  In her personal life, she has to deal with her engagement not going as planned and her growing feelings for PI Luke Murphy.  He is also conflicted about his feelings for her and the fire that took the life of his uncle along with Abby’s parents.  He has uncovered a clue to the murder and has to decide if he should tell Abby.  They are brought together to try and solve a cold case but are almost torn apart by the secrets between the two of them.

Janice Cantore has become an author I look forward to. Her crime novels are a great clean read that have great accurate details that reflect her years in uniform.  The Cold Case books are another great series of hers and this second in the series keeps up the suspense.  At times I felt like things started to drag a little and felt like there was too much detail.  Using 10 words when one would have worked and kept the story moving a little quicker.  This is one of my only downfalls for this novel.  I enjoyed the characters, there is obvious chemistry between Abby and Luke, even though they are both trying to deny it.  A lot of the questions from the first book were wrapped up here but left several unanswered with a good lead into the next in the series, which I figure will wrap things up.  All of the little details dealing with law enforcement are there and show her years of experience.  I always get excited when I know a new Cantore book is coming and Burning Proof was another easy read and very enjoyable.



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