Remnants: Season of Glory

Remnants3The final book in the Remnants series doesn’t disappoint with quality, but it does leave me wanting more stories with the Ailith.

The power of Andriana and the Remnants is growing, which causes the threat from Pacifica to grow as well. Pacifica’s plans for domination are coming close to collapsing as the Remnants try to win over Kellach and those who serve him.  Sethos and the Shiolite try to thwart them at every turn but are quickly finding themselves out numbered.  The people of the Way quickly draw more followers and those in Pacifica try to annihilate the Remnants and everyone that has chosen to side with them setting the stage for an epic showdown that will change the course of a world on the brink, possibly forever.

As I started this book, I was excited to see how the story played out but also very sad to know it was the last in the series. I have enjoyed this series and am pleased to say this final book was just as enjoyable.  From the very first book in the series I have devoured every page and anxiously awaited what would come next.  The writing has been flawless with a combination action, suspense, romance, and everything that makes a story worth reading.  Being marketed to YA, I loved how there were no aspects that would make me hesitant to recommend to that age rage.  Bergren has a way with words that kept me flying through the pages even when the action hit a bit of a lull and the romance heated up.  This story had a bit more romance than the previous two, but it was played out well with a realistic timeline of events between the characters.  Each character is so fully laid out and developed that each thing they do seems natural.  Dri and her desire to see Kellach with them even though she knows no one else feels the way she does all feels natural.  She knows she is alone in this but can’t keep from feeling the way she does and following her heart.  Don’t try to rush through this book!  Take enough time to soak in the story and enjoy the world created for you.  I don’t want to give any spoilers away so it is hard to say much more other than it was a great read!  I wish the series wasn’t over.  One of my favorite series and one I highly recommend!

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