Top Legal Thrillers

Merry Christmas everyone!  What better way to celebrate than to release our top five picks for legal thrillers and crime fiction!

Delayed Justice1. Delayed Justice by Cara Putman

Our top pick centers on speaking out about abuse and not letting others control you.  Quite a bit of a limelight subject this year.

Read the full review here.







Chosen People2. Chosen People by Robert Whitlow

A fast paced legal mystery focused on terrorism in Israel and the US brings in our second pick.  Whitlow has a knack for keeping us glued to the paf Dffge.

Read the full review here.







Lone Witness3. Lone Witness by Rachel Dylan

Rachel Dylan’s background in law makes her work writing legal thrillers the perfect combination.  What could be more fun than a novel about white collar crimes?

Read the full review here.







Justice Betrayed4. Justice Betrayed by Patricia Bradley

With Elvis impersonators, unsolved murders, and an unstable murderer, Justice Betrayed this book is bound to leave readers all shook up!

Read the full review here.







Formula of Deception5. Formula of Deception by Carrie Stuart Parks

Impersonating a sketch artist seems like a good way to keep a low profile until it leads to a trail to crack open a case colder than World War II.

Read the full review here.

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