Top 2019 Nonfiction

Moving onto our next category, here are our top picks for nonfiction.  Ranging from fitness to espionage, these are sure to be must reads.

breaking cover1. Breaking Cover by Michele Rigby Assad

Personal stories from an ex-CIA operative coupled with a faith basis made this our top pick for the year.  Grab a copy while you still can.

Read the full review here.







The Tunnels2. The Tunnels by Greg Mitchell

With a descriptive,  yet informative narrative about the initial weeks after the Berlin wall went up, this read more like a fast paced fiction novel.  Such an educational novel to those that don’t really know the history behind the wall.

Read the full review here.






Mothers book of blessing3. A Mother’s Book of Blessings

With inspirational stories at every turn, this book really knows how to lift mothers up.

Read the full review here.





The Spartan Way4. The Spartan Way by Joe De Sena

Spartan up!  Aroo!  This book will entice you to get off the couch and change your life.  With plenty of Spartan Race stories, this will get you energized for the new year!

Read the full review here.






SOTT5. The Spirit of the Trail by Carrie Morgridge

Another great inspirational read that will set your new year off right.  This book accounts a day by day trek of bike riding the continental divide!

Read the full review here.

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