Hope in the Holler

Hope in the HollerAuthor: Lisa Lewis Tyre

Publisher: Nancy Paulsen Books

Release Date: January 9, 2018

Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewer: Jessica  Higgins

A young girl who is stronger than she knows must now face the scheming family she has never known to survive living in the Holler. Another outstanding book by Lisa Lewis Tyre that is perfect for young readers!

It has always been Wavie and her mom; they didn’t need anybody else and they both liked it that way. When Wavie’s mom gets sick and knows she is about to die, she gives Wavie a list of instructions for her life. The one she is trying the hardest to live by is Be Brave.  It’s hard, especially now that she is having to go and live with an aunt she has never known that seems intent on taking anything she can get from Wavie.  Now that Wavie is back in the town her mother tried so hard to leave and never return, she starts to learn more about her mother than she thought possible.  With the help of a few new friends, Wavie works to improve her situation and solve one of the oldest mysteries in town.

I absolutely loved this book. Lisa Lewis Tyre has figured out the perfect formula for writing a book that middle grade children will love.  There is mystery, friendships, life lessons and strength throughout every page.  Wavie and her friends have so much spunk and perseverance that it will be difficult for any reader to not relate to them and want to root for them to succeed.  Even though it is a serious subject matter, it never gets more than the intended audience will be able to handle.  Wavie may have had a lot of harsh blows handed to her in her short life, but the strength and grace in which she handles them can be a lesson to all of us.  The wit Tyre brings to the story helps counter the heavy subject matter bringing the reader right into the story with no desire to leave.  The short chapters are great to keep young readers turning the page and engaged in the story.  I really can’t find anything negative to say about this book and sincerely hope Lisa Lewis Tyre continues to write books for young readers with a message. I recommend this book to all young readers, parents and teachers for a starting point of conversations that will help all involved.

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