A Rope of Sand

A Rope of SandAuthor: C.F. Dunn

Series: The Secret of the Journal #3

Publisher: Kregel

Release Date: August 28, 2014

Rating: 3 1/2 Stars

Reviewer: Jessica Higgins

Not quite as good as the first two in the series, but still an enjoyable read.

As Emma and Matthew continue their romance, the next step is for her to meet his family. She meets his seventy-year-old son, Henry, and learns of the many differences in his family compared to most everyone else.  She is spending Christmas at his family’s home and quickly realizes not everyone is happy she is in their lives.  Matthew’s great granddaughter, Maggie, is obvious in her dislike for Emma.  It isn’t until later when everyone realizes the implications of Maggie’s dislike and the means she is willing to go to keep her out of the family.  The one person she is most hesitant to meet is Ellen, Matthew’s wife.  They have both agreed that they will wait to be together until Ellen passes away, knowing it is just a matter of time.  As things progress, the need to keep the lies straight becomes harder, as does the danger of exposure of the ones she is starting to love and call family.

Overall I have enjoyed this series, but I have to say that since I have finished book three I feel that it could have been combined with book two easily. Both have a lot of scenes that felt like filler material.  Once the trial started things picked up.  The pace of the story from this point on was much better and enjoyable.  This series is labeled as Christian Fiction but does have some harsh language and sex talk, nothing graphic, but there nonetheless.  The sexual scenes are more talking of intent and does not go into much detail.  It is the language that bothers me, especially being labeled Christian Fiction.  While I think the writing is done well, I can’t help but compare once again to the Twilight series.  Fans of those will likely enjoy these even with the similarities.  I still recommend A Rope of Sand to readers that they pick this one up, but to work through the first half quickly to get to the best parts.

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