The Baker Street Jurors

Baker St jurorsAuthor: Michael Robertson

Series: Baker Street Letters #5

Publisher: Minotaur Books

Release Date: July 19, 2016

Rating: 4 1/2 Stars

Reviewer: Jessica Higgins

A fun tale not so much of who done it, but why they did it and how.

Nigel heath has returned to 221B Baker Street and upon his return he finds himself summoned for jury duty. Along with his summons is one for Sherlock Holmes.  Nigel and his brother Reggie are used to mail for Holmes arriving at their law office and answering the letters.  But what to do with a jury summons?  Nigel is in a bit of a mood, so he sends the letter flying out the window and thinks little of it afterwards.  He is chosen to be on the jury of one of the nation’s greatest sports heroes accused of murdering his wife.  In the jury with Nigel is a lovely young woman with mysterious tattoos, a widow intent on conveying stories of her late husband, and an assortment of odd characters.  As the trial continues, things start to heat up and Nigel and the other jurors wonder not only what verdict they will reach but also if they will all make it to the end of the trial alive.

The Baker Street Jurors is a fun cozy mystery that was a delightful read.  It is a short book that is just the right length.  Many legal thrillers can become over the top with courtroom scenes that drag on and on.  Here the scenes were concise with interesting exchanges between the characters and several head scratching moments throughout that kept me engaged with the story.  This is the fifth in the series, I think, and the only one I have read.  Having not read any of the previous in the series, I am sure I missed some back story for some of the characters but that didn’t seem to be a problem with following this particular story.  It did make me wonder what the others are like and I have a feeling I will enjoy them as well.  Nigel was an interesting character.  He obviously had some personal issues he was dealing with, but was still able to focus on what he had to do and deal with the problems at hand.  He was surrounded by several interesting jurors and there could have easily been more to the story for more than one of the minor characters.  Having said that, I’m glad they were left in the role of minor characters and not expanded upon.  It could have been interesting to read about them but I think it would have slowed down this story which was at a good length, long enough to flesh out the story without all the fluff that would disinterest the reader.   Robertson did a good job with this story and I will look forward to the next Baker Street Mystery.

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