Remember My Beauties

Remember My BeautiesAuthor: Lynne Hugo

Publisher: Switchgrass Books

Release Date: April 18, 2016

Reviewer: Jessica Higgins

A tale of a dysfunctional family to the extreme, horses that have the potential to bring people together, and a whole mess of things trying to tear them apart.

Remember My Beauties is a tale of a dysfunctional family to the extreme.  Jewel is left to take care of her aging parents and their horse farm while her brother and sister abuse drugs, alcohol and disappear.  To top matters off her daughter, Carly is now hooked on drugs and living with a man that is only taking advantage of her and keeping her hooked.  When her brother comes back home and her parents let him stay over her objections she gives them a choice, it’s either he goes or she does.  As Jewel reaches her breaking point, so do many other aspects of all their lives.

This was a very interesting story of the way different relationships within a family can affect each and every member of a family in so many ways. I really felt for Jewel.   She was trying to help and do all that she could for her parents, all the while getting very little appreciation and respect.  Then when the “prodigal son,” so to speak, comes back he is let back into their lives as if he has never done any of the horrible things they all know he is guilty of.  It’s hard to not be resentful of that type of thing.  It is rare in a book that you see almost every character change in some way throughout the story.  Usually it is one or two that really reach their peak and grow.  Here, almost every character had that shift in their story line and it was nice.  It may not have been full-fledged redemption for everyone but a change was evident.  I enjoyed how the story was told from different viewpoints, even from the horses a time or two which was a nice touch.

I will say that this is not a book for a young audience. There are mature themes and language throughout.  I wish the harsh language would have been toned down.  For me that would have made the story more enjoyable.  The length was just right.  I read it in a little over a day and enjoyed the fast pace of the story and how things played out in the end.

One thought on “Remember My Beauties

  1. Ah yes, the prodigal son … that’s always a difficult situation for everyone involved. I’m interested to see how things turn out for everyone in the end.

    Thanks for being a part of the tour!


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