IncarnationAuthor: Laura Davis Hays

Publisher: Terra Nova Books

Release Date: March 1, 2016

Reviewer: Jessica Higgins

An interesting take on the destruction of Atlantis mixed with present day incarnation.

Kelsey Depuis has been living in her father’s shadow her whole life. He was a famous scientist who was well known for his research.  After he died, Kelsey was offered a job in Santa Fe, New Mexico by one of his former students.  However, after moving to Santa Fe, Kelsey has started to have recurring dreams about water.  With some help form a dream therapist, she begins to feel another presence from a past lift named Iriel, who lived at Atlantis.  One day she meets a lawyer named Stan Dresser, who ignites a spark in her life.  Soon, she and Stan are addicted to one another.  Eventually, Kelsey realizes that Stan is also in the past life, but his motives are not pure.  With some help, Kelsey escapes to a remote Caribbean island where her company is doing biological research and tests.  But her arrival has stirred things up from the past.  As actions begin to grow darker and violence rises, can Kelsey save herself from her former life?

I have to admit that when I started this book I didn’t get what I expected. There was a whole lot more than I had anticipated.  I didn’t expect to get as much of Iriel’s back story.  I thought it was going to focus more on the present.  However, it really combined the two very well.  The story was a little slow to set up, but once it got going to really moved.  Kelsey is really just a confused thirty-two year old woman who has lived in her father’s shadow, had her life made miserable by her mother, still grieving the death of her brother, and just wants to be loved.  So much so that she gets into a really abusive relationship.  I know that there was a connection back to Atlantis that keep the relationship going, but I really, really wanted her to move on and quit going back to him.  Then the antagonist is so strong throughout much of the book that I really, really wanted him to just go away, but he didn’t.  In the end, every bit of the dialogue was needed to finally put the whole story to bed.

There is quite a bit of strong language in different parts of the book as well as fairly frequent sexual activity in Parts II and III. I would recommend this book for mature audiences.

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