Traces of Guilt

Traces of GuiltAuthor: Dee Henderson

Publisher: Bethany House

Release Date: May 3, 2016

Reviewer: Jessica Higgins

A cold case that has sat unsolved for too long is about to expose secrets that will affect the lives of many!

Gabriel Thane is the sheriff of Carin County and is proud of his job and his town. When Evie Blackwell comes to town to help launch a new task force whose goal is to solve cold cases, their paths cross and sparks fly.  Evie wants to find Mr. Right and settle down but has always been driven by her work more than her personal life.  Now as she works closely with the sheriff, she finds herself drawn to him as their work uncovers more secrets that lead to potentially solving more cold cases than she originally thought possible.  Secrets throughout the town and its residents make the work more difficult for both of them, who are determined to find answers at all cost.

One thing I have found from reading Dee Henderson novels is she is much better at the romantic aspect of writing than the suspense. I did find several suspenseful moments throughout the story that kept the pages turning quickly, but I also found areas when the tension dialed down with the romance scenes.  These areas were just too slow with too much narrative that weighed the story down bringing it to a standstill at times.  I have a strong feeling this is the first in a series.  I believe this because throughout the book there were SO many second hand characters that got more time than they needed, which makes sense if they will be the focus of stories yet to come.  Even so, several of the characters were needed to bring different aspects of the story together.  I am curious to see where they might lead if they get their own story next.

Overall it was an enjoyable read that I recommend to romance and romantic suspense lovers!

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