The Pug List – Alison Hodgson

the-pug-listThe Pug List takes a family’s tragedy and shows you it is possible to find happiness again.

After their home is set on fire by an arsonist in the middle of the night, Alison Hodgson and her family find themselves scared and not sure how to find normal again. Between the insurance battles, tearing down what is left of the house, trying to rebuild, parenting three kids, and post-traumatic stress, they decide to add adopting a dog to the mix.  Alison’s seven-year-old daughter, Eden, wants to adopt a pug more than anything and determines now is the perfect time and is relentless.  One day Alison finds Eden’s diary with an entry titled “The Pug List” and realizes that resistance is futile.  Now on a quest to find the perfect pug, they look at online sites and the search ensues in getting them back to a life as close to normal as possible.

As far as non-fiction goes, I usually try to avoid it for the most part. Most non-fiction books that I have read are not written in a way that grabs my attention and keeps me turning the page.  The nice thing about The Pug List is that for most of the book I forgot I was reading a non-fiction and just enjoyed the story.  Even though Alison and family endured several tragedies, they persevered and were able to find the good.  They found a way to smile again.  Most dog books usually have a sad ending that will leave you in tears.  I’m not saying there were not sad moments, there were, but they were written with heart and even a bit of humor.  Hodgson was able to write about her family and the tragedies they endured in a way that kept me turning the page and loving every word.  There was just enough story to make it interesting but not so much that it became boring, a very fine line for writers to find.  I’m happy to say I thoroughly enjoyed The Pug List and will easily recommend it.

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