Night Work – David C. Taylor

xnight-work_jpg_pagespeed_ic_o59JMKvxjMTaylor’s sophomore novel brings back Michael Cassidy for another thrill ride through the Cuban revolution!

Five years have passed since Michael Cassidy escaped the KGB with his father. Expecting never to see Dylan again, he settled back into his role as a detective with NYPD.  No longer does anybody mess with him as they all believe he has a protector.  Even so, the top brass still give him the worst jobs in hopes that he will quit the force on his own.  On assignment to extradite a murderer back to Cuba, Cassidy is shocked when he is leaving the prison and sees Dylan among the political prisoners.  On a long shot, he finds a way to break her out of prison before she is executed.  But then they are caught up in the middle of Castro’s revolutionary movement of Cuba.  Can they get out?  Do they want to get out?  And what awaits them if they are caught?

I was very excited when I saw that David C. Taylor was releasing a second novel in the Michael Cassidy series. The way that he writes really portrays his experience with screenplays as he doesn’t leave a moment for you to take a breath from the action.  He rolls from one scene to the next leaving you wanting to find out what is going to happen.  The story in Night Work redeveloped the relationship between Cassidy and Dylan, albeit with a few setbacks that you will have to read about to find out.  After all, wouldn’t want to spoil all the jaw dropping moments.

Orso’s character really got more developed in this book. I got to see more of the type of person he is and what he would be willing to do to keep his family intact.  Even with all of the seemingly separate events that are occurring, Taylor manages to connect them all back to a central point.

I’m still a huge fan of Taylor’s and continue to look forward to his future novels. I still recommend this novel for mature readers.

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