Summer by Summer – Heather Birch

SummerbySummerA light-hearted romance that is quick and easy to read.

Summer needs to get away, not only from home but everyone around her, both alive and dead. When she takes a job as a nanny for a couple vacationing in Belize, she hopes it is going to be a fresh start before starting college. She loves spending time with Josh, her employer’s youngest son, but when she meets their oldest, Bray she is not impressed. He is everything she can’t stand in a guy. Bray doesn’t think much of Summer either. His goal for coming to Belize for the summer is to try and keep his parents from going through with the divorce they have planned. He wants to work on their relationship, hang out with friends, and forget anything and everything else that is waiting for him back home. Every time he is forced to be around Summer her mood sets him off. He both finds himself attracted to her and loathing her at the same time. When the two of them find themselves on a dive trip gone wrong and stranded on a remote island they are going to have to find a way to work past their differences and focus on survival. The longer they are together the more they find their feelings changing. As they fight to stay alive, they also fight their feelings and neither are doing a great job. As their differences melt away, they find being together may be what both needed all along.


The nice thing about this book is it is a quick read without the fluff that would only drag on and on without doing anything for the story. There was romance, action, suspense, and even a dash of humor here and there. The relationship between Summer and Bray is very wishy washy at times but being trapped on an island alone together trying to fight for their lives will obviously do strange things to people. That can explain a lot of the wishy washy times between the two of them. Summer can get a little annoying at times; she is strong, she is weak, strong, weak, etc. Back and forth so much it got old. I liked the pace of the story. I read it quickly and enjoyed. The times of them trapped on the island worried me. I thought it was going to get boring quickly but there were bits and pieces placed throughout that kept the story moving nicely. For a contemporary romance it didn’t dwell too much on the romance and kept the action going throughout. A nice read for a day at the beach.

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