Atlas Girl: Finding Home in the Last Place I thought to Look by Emily T. Wierenga

Atlas GirlEmily Wierenga’s raw emotion and honesty looking back on her young life will keep you pulled into her story.

Everyone has a story. This is the story of Emily Wierenga’s life to age thirty-two.  Everyone goes through the fire to get where they are, but not everyone pens those stories down.  Emily Wierenga shares her story of childhood, anorexia, teaching, writing, and the places that she has been, hence the name Atlas Girl.  Every time that she tried to get away to start fresh, there was always something that brought her back.  She was always trying to find that one place that felt like home, but she never found it until she realized she never had to leave.

Recently I’ve become more open to reading books that are recommended by author’s that I like, even if they are typically out of the main genre that I read. Atlas Girl is one of those books.  I’m an avid reader of Billy Coffey’s blog, where he frequently post suggested reading material.  This book happens to be one of his suggestions.  He has yet to disappointment me with a suggestion and Atlas Girl is no exception.

I do like to read memoirs and autobiographies, but they are typically based on celebrities that I have found interesting. However, this book was phenomenal.  The amount of emotion that played across the words of Emily’s story was so real that you could hear the honesty.  Especially the chapters on her eating disorder, both when it started and the relapses that she had later in life.  I’ve been fortunate enough not to have to deal with an eating disorder myself, but I have friends that had.  Reading those chapters brought back memories of how it feels to be so helpless for someone in need.  The interventions, pleading, and just being there without saying a word really struck home for me.

Several other aspects of this book will also play against your heartstrings. Emily’s wanting her father to show her love, taking care of her mother, not wanting children, and then wanting children but having miscarriages are just a few. I would highly recommended this book just for the opportunity to learn someone else’s story.  We are all God’s children and everyone matters!  I give this book 5 Stars.

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