Micah’s Got Talent?

Author: Andy McGuire

Illustrator: Girish Manuel

Series: Micah’s Super Vlog #1

Publisher: JellTelly Press

Release Date: June 4, 2019

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Great series for young readers with a great message.

Micah is so excited when his school announced a talent show with the gaming systems has been wanting for a long time as the prize. Without even thinking about it, he signs up for the talent show without knowing what his talent is. For weeks he tries to come up with a talent that could win him the gaming system, but nothing comes to him. Micah struggles to find who he is and what he is good at in time!

Micah’s Got Talent was a super cute and quick read that young readers will easily fly through and enjoy. I read this one wondering if it would be a good fit for my little one to read and after I finished I quickly put it on his bookshelf for him to read next. This book has a great message of friendship and not giving up. I loved the way the author tied all of this in together to make the story just right.

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