Treasure Hunters

Author: James Patterson and Chris Brabenstein

Series: Treasure Hunters #1

Publisher: Little Brown/Jimmy Patterson

Release Date: May 5, 2015

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A fantastic fun series for young readers that kids and parents can enjoy together.

When their parents are both gone from them, the Kidd children have to grow up quickly and try to solve the puzzle left for them by their father. Their mother is being held hostage and their father has gone overboard in a massive storm at sea. Now, they work together on the biggest treasure hunt they have ever been on against pirates and other rivals that want what they are trying to find.

My two boys are getting to the age of reading books by authors I have known for a long time, such as James Patterson. Patterson is one of the best authors in the world and I’m finding that his books for kids are just perfect. His writing is simple but fun, it’s not something if you are looking for a complex mystery but a good story that young readers will greatly enjoy. That’s the perfect thing about Treasure Hunters, it is a great book for young readers looking for books to get them into the great world of fiction.

So many kids hate reading because they haven’t found books that are fun to read. I love being at the stage of life where I can read books and recommend them to my kids and be able to talk about with them and help them discover a love for reading. There are a lot of mediocre books out there, but Treasure Hunters is a great book with fun adventure for kids to enjoy reading. I love the fun adventure and the pictures make the story even more enjoyable. I recommend this book to middle grade readers that are looking for a fun adventure.

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