The Hidden Palace

Author: Dinah Jefferies

Series: Daughters of War #2

Publisher: Harper Collins

Release Date: November 22, 2022

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The next installment of the Daughters of War series brings new romances and twists that will keep readers intrigued to the end!

After discovering that her true father was German, Florence Baudin manages to escape newly liberated France in 1944 before she can be accused as a collaborator.  Travelling with Jack, an allied war specialist who Florence and her sisters help remain hidden from the Germans, she reaches his small village of Devon in England.  She soon travels to visit her mother, where she learns that she has an unusual request.  Her mother had a younger sister that ran away from Paris when she was young to the island of Malta.  Her mother’s health is failing, and she wants to make amends with her sister before it is too late.  Florence and Jack set off to Malta for a project of Jack’s and to see if they can find her aunt before its too late for her mother.

Twenty years earlier, Rosalie Delacroix left Paris to escape her father’s gambling addiction and parents’ overbearingness on her life.  After many days of travel, she arrives in Malta with experience as a cabaret dancer to earn her living.  While there, she stumbles upon a human trafficking ring that she attempts to break up.  She also meets the love of her life, who also ends up being a Baron.  Years later, the Germans and Italians bomb Malta relentlessly to break up the Allies stronghold in the Mediterranean. Rosalie lives in danger constantly and worries she may never see her family again!

Such an interesting read regarding the island of Malta during the World War II campaigns, but not focused too much on that.  It really depicts life more between 1925 and the start of the second world war.  Most of the books is split between Rosalie and Florence’s viewpoint until they finally collide at the end.  If you were a fan of Florence in the first book, then you’ll love this one as it is really focused on her story leaving France.

I really enjoyed the first book with viewpoints of the three sisters as well as their efforts to aid against the occupied powers to turn the war.  My favorite character was probably Elise, but she is not very present in this book, mostly in letters and then at the end.  However, it was interesting to continue to she how their stories play out with their mother and now her sister Rosalie and all that she did while in Malta. 

There is some occasional foul language throughout, but not much for the size of the book.  There is also a couple of sex scenes, but nothing graphic.

I recommend this book to lovers of the first but also to those who like learning about something new during World War II.

I received a complimentary copy of this title from the publisher.  The views and opinions expressed within are my own.

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