The Premonition at Withers Farm

Author: Jaime Jo Wright

Publisher: Bethany House

Release Date: October 11, 2022

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What’s better than a new Jaime Jo Wright book? How about a new mystery releasing right before Halloween!!!

Perliett Van Hilton is a healer; it’s 1910 in Michigan and her healing practices leave the local doctor frustrated. She has grown up in an unconventional household with her mother working as a spiritualist. Perliett ends up the target of a superstitious killer and to avoid the killer she must seek help from the local doctor who doesn’t care for her and a newcomer to town. Jump to Present day, the life of Molly Wasziak is anything but the life she dreamed it would be. She has had several miscarriages leading her down a spiral of depression when her husband buys an old farmhouse. Here she finds clues to a very old murder and as she digs deeper, mysterious things around the house make it even more ominous as she finds a purpose for her life once again.

Wow, wow, wow! Jaime Jo Wright has outdone herself. Every time I pick up one of her books, I know I am in for a fantastic read and this newest one releasing right before Halloween gives all the chills and thrills. Each new book always proves me wrong in thinking she can’t top the last one; somehow, they get better and better. The feel of this one hit me hard, Molly was such a fantastic character and once she was at the farmhouse, the story enveloped me in such a tight hold there was no way I was getting out of it. I sat down and devoured this book in a weekend, had I not had responsibilities like taking care of my two children, it probably would have been read in a single sitting. There are a lot of authors out there that are just mediocre, the more I read the more I realize this and have gotten to the point of being disappointed more often than not when picking up a book to read lately. This book and this author will not disappoint you! Grab her books, any of them, and escape into the wonderful world of fiction and suspense that is a glorious getaway from the world we live in. I foresee this being one of my top books of the year!

I received a complimentary copy of this title from the publisher.  The views and opinions expressed within are my own.

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