Author: Lynette Eason

Series: Extreme Measures #2

Publisher: Revell

Release Date; August 2, 2022

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The second book in the Extreme Measures series is just as intense and action packed as the first! Lynette Eason is at her best with this series!

Julianna Jameson works for the FBI as a negotiator and has never lost a hostage. When her younger sister, Dottie, shows up to live with her for her last year of high school it may prove to be the hardest job she’s had yet. Julianna crosses paths with Clay Fox who works as security at the school Dottie attends. Julianna saves Clay’s sister who is being held hostage with others inside a courtroom. Clay asks her to come speak, but ghosts from Julianna’s past come back to haunt them putting everyone she cares about at risk. Together they will have to do all they can to save their loved ones and stop those out to hurt them.

Lynette Eason blew me away with the first in this series and Crossfire came out in the first chapter with all the action and suspense.  While Crossfire was fantastic it ranks just a notch below the first in the series for me. I really loved Julianna and the chemistry between her and Clay but more so the way she was with trying to help and protect her sister. The way the story unfolded with her having to do her best as a negotiator with the FBI while also trying to protect her sister really helped make it a real page-turner. The baggage that both Julianna and Clay had from their past really made it more relatable characters, not perfect or with nothing weighing them down to make them more realistic.

The characters in these books go through a lot, but with all they go through, it helps them to show growth and real character development. There is a good element of faith throughout, but I never felt as if I was being preached at or annoyed by it, which does sometimes happen with Christian fiction books. Of all the romantic suspense authors I read, Lynette Eason is one of my very favorites for how realistic she makes the stories and is able to get me invested in the characters. I recommend this book to fans that love romantic suspense novels. While this is the second in a series, it could be read without having read the first and still enjoy.

I received a complimentary copy of this title from the publisher.  The views and opinions expressed within are my own.

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