The Catch

Author: Lisa Harris

Series: US Marshals #3

Publisher: Revell

Release Date: April 5, 2022

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The third book in the US Marshals series is the best yet, wrapping things up nicely but leaving me aching for more from a series I’ve loved!

US Marshals Madison James and Jonas Quinn are back on the case after an attempt is made on a judge’s life. Now they are in search of a missing woman and child that might be in danger connected to the murdered wife of the judge. They thought their hardest case was behind them, but with each clue Madison and Jonas turn up, they discover a tangled web that goes deeper than they could have imagined. Not only do they have a young child and missing woman to find, but they are also on the lookout for the person who shot Madison and left her for dead. The possibility of coming face-to-face with the person that killed her husband is all that she wants and what terrifies her more than anything.

The Catch was a fun conclusion to a great series. For me, I loved the way the story played out finding Madison in danger but keeping her as a strong female protagonist for the story. It can be easy in a story like this to lose sight of the fact that she has trauma she is working through but must be strong for her job and those around her. Playing the part of damsel in distress would have been easy enough, but Madison stayed strong and didn’t want those around her hurt. She used all the pent-up anxiety and energy she had to propel her forward in helping others and being able to solve her greatest mystery. Lisa Harris did a fabulous job of writing these characters and this storyline in a way that kept me engaged and feeling as if I’m following along with these characters as they face many challenges on the job and in their personal lives. This book had a fabulous mix of suspense and romance at just the right times, I never felt like the romance was too much and stayed on the edge of my seat with the tension from all that was happening. I would recommend this series to readers that love following characters on adventures and seeing them grow closer with each book. I would recommend reading the series in order though to get the most out of it and not miss important parts needed to enjoy the most.

I received a complimentary copy of this title from the publisher.  The views and opinions expressed within are my own.

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