Driving Force

Authors: Lynette Eason & Kate Angelo

Series: Elite Guardians

Publisher: Sunrise Publishing

Release Date: March 22, 2022

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The start of a new collection adding to the Elite Guardians series with a fresh author brings a fresh look at an already fantastic series!

The Elite Guardian’s newest member, Christina Sherman is in for a surprise with her newest client she is assigned to protect. Her client is bossy, headstrong, and to top it off, he is a highly trained military working dog called Boss. Special Forces Air Commando Grey Parker is his handler and has been training him to help find explosive materials that no other dog can track. That has made him and especially his dog a target. When Grey is scheduled to undergo a surgery to try and help him to walk again, he needs someone with the right clearance level to handle Boss while he is out of commission. Christina is supposed to keep Boss alive and well but ends up having to protect both he and Grey when they come under attack. What seems at a first to be a normal assignment ends up being more than Christina bargained for, and with more than their lives on the line, The Guardians are going to have to pull all their resources to get the job done.

I have enjoyed the Elite Guardians series by Lynette Eason and when I learned there would be a new set of authors exploring these characters and adding to the series, I was excited. While I was excited, I was also a little bit nervous, Eason has become one of my favorite romantic suspense authors and it is hard to fill those shoes. With Eason as her mentor, Kate Angelo has proven herself with Driving Force. The characters of Christina and Grey are engaging and charismatic in a way that shows the influence of Eason and that made Angelo a great author for this novel. Christina is a great protagonist; strong and full of passion no matter what obstacle she encounters she is going to give it her all. Even with all that said, she isn’t above showing fear in the face of great danger and still letting it work for her. The feelings she develops for Grey and the feelings he develops for her drive the story full speed ahead. I recommend this novel to fans of the Elite Guardians series and even if you haven’t read any of the series you could read this one and enjoy.

I received a complimentary copy of this title from the publisher.  The views and opinions expressed within are my own.

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