Children’s Bible Stories for Bedtime

Author: Julie Lavender

Publisher: Z Kids

Release Date: January 11, 2022

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The perfect Bible story book for young kids that I love to see my young son reading on his own.

After a long day, kids need a way to wind down and a book with inspiring children’s Bible stories is just the right book to help with that. This is a wonderful collection of the first stories kids will learn about from the bible. Parents can sit down with their kids and pick a key biblical figure and go over their adventures together with illustrations that will capture kids’ attention and be a great conversation starter.

What I loved most about this was how easy it was to read with my son and know he was understanding and enjoying what we were talking about. It can be hard to get kids excited about reading the bible, but when they see the beautiful pictures and start reading the story that is written in a way they can understand it, this is a good way to get them engaged. Each story is broken down and short enough that the reader won’t lose interest. I love the end of each section that offers steps for settling down for the day, something that can be hard for kids and using these tips can really help. I recommend this book to everyone with small kids wanting a great addition to their nighttime routine that will not only help them settle for the day and feel good about the material their kids are seeing before closing their eyes for the night.

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