2021 Top Books of the Year

Happy New Years Eve to all our readers! And with the last day of the year comes our compiled list of our top reads. This is a bloggers biggest challenge of the year given the number of books that we go through, but we still managed to narrow it down. Hope you enjoyed these as much as we did!

Top PickAfter She Falls by Carmen Schober

We can’t say enough good this about this book. Suspense, romance, drama, and MMA fighting all wrapped up into one little package!

Runner Up – All That We Carried by Erin Bartels

Another fantastic read that was just shy of taking the top spot! The tension in this story is so tight that readers may become high strung by the end, but it is so worth it!

Runner Up – Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir

Every year needs a good sci/fi selection and Andy Weir is back at the top of his game. This is quite the lengthy story, but most readers will have it finished in a just a few days.

Runner Up – On the Cliffs of Foxglove Manor by Jaime Jo Wright

A master of the time slip formula, Wright gives readers exactly what they expect from her and keep coming back for more!

Runner Up – The World Played Chess by Robert Dugoni

A master storyteller lacks nothing regardless of the genre he writes in. Fans of Dugoni will love this book as much as any other he has put out there.

Honorable Mention – No More Words by Kerry Lonsdale

Lonsdale’s writing on family drama might just make you forget yours is so bad for a little while. Peek into another messed up family’s life to take the edge off!

Honorable Mention – Rembrandt Stone Series by David James Warren

This entire series of six installments was released over 2021 and each book was better than the previous. Such a fantastic series that we can’t recommend it enough.

Honorable Mention – The Secret Keepers of Old Depot Grocery by Amanda Cox

Another time slip makes it on the top list this year! With family secrets on the line, it’s easy to see why it ranks so high!

Honorable Mention – Never Miss by Melissa Koslin

Romantic suspense at its best and a debut novel to boot! Koslin is making our watch list for 2022!

Honorable Mention – Dark Intercept by Andrews & Wilson

Got to love suspense thrillers and we can’t believe we haven’t picked up on this duo before!

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