2021 Top Romantic Suspense

The New Year can bring romance, but it can also bring suspense. So why not celebrate with our top choices for the Romantic Suspense genre! Several repeat authors are appearing on this list because they are just so good at what they do!

Never Miss by Melissa Koslin

An absolutely fantastic debut novel! So much suspense, action and truly believable moments. Can’t wait to see what she comes out with next.

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Active Defense & Hostile Intent by Lynette Eason

Two more fantastic installments in the Danger Never Sleeps series! Lynette Eason has done it again; her writing puts her on a whole new level with this series. No better time for readers to discover one of the very best in romantic suspense!

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Labyrinth of Lies by Irene Hannon

We’ve read a lot of Irene Hannon books over the years, but we must say this is going to take the top spot out of all her books. The premise hooked us right away! The idea of a female detective that is always mistaken for someone much younger than they are and able to use that to their advantage to go undercover brought her writing to a whole new level!

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Unknown Threat by Lynn Blackburn

The start of this new series by Lynn Blackburn is her best work yet!! So much action, drama, suspense, tension, with just a little bit of romance at all the right spots. We absolutely loved the way this story started with a bang and didn’t let up.

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Breach of Honor by Janice Cantore

A fantastic police procedural that had us hooked from page one with fantastic character connections and an adrenaline laced story!

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Obsession by Patricia Bradley

A fantastic suspense read with tension at all the right spots! Fans of Patricia Bradley will not want to miss this one. Patricia Bradley is a fantastic Romantic Suspense author and her Natchez Trace series is continuing to be one of our favorites.

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Aftermath by Terri Blackstock

It has been a long wait for a new Terri Blackstock book, and we have to say she did not disappoint with Aftermath.  The writing was very well done and kept the suspense throughout all while writing a clean and engaging story.

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