Fool’s Luck

Author: Dave Milbrandt

Publisher: Ambassador International Publishing

Release Date: July 13, 2021

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A very different concept from what I normally read, which made for a fast and delightful story.

Myles Bradford was just an ordinary guy, taught high school while trying to be the best husband and father he could. All of that changed when he took a chance and bought a Powerball lottery ticket and won. With the winnings, he decided to run for President of the United States. He has very little experience in politics, except for running for mayor and having to drop out of the race when his son is diagnosed with cancer. His family isn’t as excited about his running as he is when he thrust most of the money into the campaign and starts traveling the country. Wanting to change the way things are done and being able to change them are two different things as Bradford quickly finds out. While his attention is pulled in different directions, he realizes that even if he wins the price might not be worthwhile.

Fool’s Luck starts out great with a unique premise and characters that are easy to like. Myles and his family are your run of the mill American family until his winning changes everything. The beginning was quick and easy to follow, the middle lost my attention, but the back half brought me back into the story. I’m not usually one to get into politics and stories that are of that nature, but this is more of a family story at heart, a story about wanting to do better and be better for others. That is what made it a good read, I didn’t really care about the politics part of the story, not something that interests me, but when Milbrandt got deeper into the family aspect I was involved; I wanted to see what would happen with the kids and his relationship with his wife because of the decisions he made after winning the money. The plot was original, the characters were flawed but relatable which readers will enjoy, and the pace easy to follow other than the middle that lost my interest with all the talk of politics. I read this in a little over a day, just a nice easy read that I didn’t have to think too much about which was nice. I recommend this book to readers that enjoy politics, family stories and a nice clean read.

I received a complimentary copy of this title from the publisher.  The views and opinions expressed within are my own.

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