Whom God’s Destroy

Author: Vincent B. Davis II

Series: Sertoris Scrolls #4

Publisher: Self Published

Release Date: May 1, 2021

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Davis is back in his element with Quintus Sertoris again on the war path!

After his tenure as senator and following the disaster that befell the senate, Quintus Sertoris is now serving as a legate for Rome to Greece.  While this should be a mission of peace, he quickly realizes that his new commander expects to return with a tribute of at least 5,000 deaths.  Once the legion is in Greece, Quintus begins to realize that Roman citizens are disappearing, some being sold into slavery, which is illegal.  As he investigates, he realizes that he is up against a villain known as Cerebus that is bent upon the full destruction of Rome.  Sertoris must devise a way to put an end to the conspiracy while making new friends, and losing some, along the way.

I love this series, but after Bodies in the Tiber, I was ready to get back on the war path and leave the politics behind.  Luckily, Davis does just that in his new Sertoris Scroll.  Now under the command of Proconsul Titus Didius, he is dispatched to Greece as a legate.  Unfortunately, this leaves readers without the Quintus/Arrea love story that many were hoping to get back on track, but it does allow for good banter with his old friend Apollonius once again.  This book introduces new friendships and sees some old friendships start to dwindle.  The drama with Sulla continues at a distance, mainly through letters of Rome’s impending civil war.  Everything is being set up nicely for the Social War that Sertorius is greatly known for.

Highly recommended for lovers of ancient roman literature.

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