What’s in Store for 2021?

As we branch out to the next year of the decade, we can only hope to find some sense of normalcy. Well, that and more great books for us to escape reality. Here is just an example of what we are looking forward to in 2021.

Releases January 5th.

Lynette Eason continues to make each new book our favorite and we have no doubt that this next one will take the number one spot!

Find out more here.

Releases February 9th.

We are thrilled for this new series by several of our favorite authors. We can’t wait to find out how it plays out!

Find out more here.

Releases March 2nd.

A year without a Lynn Blackburn goodie? Thankfully 2021 has her back in action!

Find out more here.

Releases April 6th.

Chris Fabry writes awesome stories! Maybe that’s what happened in 2020? Either way, we are super excited to have a new story by him this year!

Find out more here.

Releases April 20th.

Another Tracy Crosswhite Novel? Yes please! We can’t get enough of our favorite protagonist and her exciting yet relatable life!

Find out more here.

Releases May 4th.

If you love science fiction, then chances are you are an Andy Weir fan. We’ve loved everything he has written so far and hope this is no different.

Find out more here.

Releases June 1st

Jamie Jo Wright’s stories always have a bit of darkness that finds it way to the light. She is continually at the top of the list for a reason!

Find out more here.

Releases June 8th.

We absolutely loved Murphy Shepard’s first recorded adventure and can’t wait to see what lies in store for the second!

Find out more here.

Releases July 6th.

Kerry Lonsdale always writes an escape story and we plan on this one being one of her best yet. Just look at that cover!

Find out more here.

Expected in July.

Janice Cantore is back in 2021 and her knowledge of the police force will no doubt keep us intruded through he whole story!

Find out more here.

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