2020 Top Suspense/Thriller

Another favorite genre of ours is suspense/thriller. Nothing like books that keep you up late at night trying to find out what is going to happen! There were several more fantastic authors this year that narrowing it down was almost impossible. Here are our top recommendations for the year!

Collision of Lies by TomThreadgill

Tom Threadgill is a fresh new voice in suspense writing. Collision of Lies started with a bang only to pick up speed and not stop until the final pages. Readers that love to see a book play out in their minds will find this a welcome addition to their shelf.

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A Cold Trail by Robert Dugoni

The top suspense/thriller list wouldn’t be complete with a new Tracy Crosswhite novel. As one of the best crime novelists in the market, Dugoni has crafted an awesome protagonist that readers can’t help but fall in love with as she moves across books. All seven books in this series are phenomenal and this is an excellent addition!

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Nine by Rachelle Dekker

This is the book we have been waiting for Rachelle Dekker to write: her own voice and her own story! We loved the story, the style and everything about it. The one thing we didn’t love was not having enough time to sit and read it all at once.

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The Jerusalem Assassin by Joel C. Rosenberg

This has become one of our favorite series by Rosenberg.  Each series has a unique set of characters with a very flawed protagonist who takes on multiple antagonists across several books.  This particular book focused on development of the main character, Marcus Ryker, and strengthening his faith. We can’t wait for the next book!

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Hide Away by Jason Pinter

The action, drama and suspense were all top notch and exactly what a great suspense thriller is all about. It takes a very talented writer to be able to craft out a story that ties everything together so well and is also entertaining.

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