2020 Top Nonfiction

While 2020 gave us some great escapes into the fiction realm, it also produced a lot of nonfiction titles that were quite captivating! From biographies to histories, these titles are a great addition to any library!

The Fight to Flourish by Jennie Lusko

Jennie Lusko shared her struggles in her story that has been long awaited. As a well known figure for her work with husband Levi, she shows how she is still human and has the same problems as the rest of us!

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Fix Her Upper Christmas by Beth Duewel and Rhonda Rhea

While centered around the stress of the holiday season, this book still gives readers a great refreshed feeling mixed with humor. These two never disappoint us and keep us coming back for more with every Fix Her Upper edition.

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The Patriots by Winston Groom

Groom is widely known for his ability to bring history to life and keep it interesting and entertaining for readers of all ages. This book focuses on three of the founding fathers, Hamilton, Jefferson, and Adams, and their love for country and hatred for each other!

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Finding Quiet: My Journey to Peace in an Anxious World by Jamie Grace

So many of the things written in this book resonated with us. It can be hard to take the time to just sit and be quiet. Our world is loud and crazy right now which makes finding a quiet moment very difficult. Jamie Grace delivers a wonderful addition to anyone’s library of little ways to find quiet when it seems impossible!

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365 Ways to Love Your Child by 3

A perfect book that showcases all the little ways we sometimes forget can be used to experience love with our children.

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