2020 Top Contemporary Fiction

With Christmas in our review mirror, we are turning our attention to the start of a new year. Reflecting on this past year brought several great titles in contemporary fiction. It’s so hard to limit these our favorites, but here are our top recommendations!

Solid Ground Coffee Company by Carla Laureano

We’re not sure if it was the fact that we could smell the coffee beans roasting throughout this book, the mountain climbing adventure, or the sizzling romance that couldn’t be ignored between the two main characters. Whatever the reason, it found its way to the top of the list!

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The Water Keeper by Charles Martin

Martin’s tales are just plain great! If you’ve never read one, you need to pick up one today. This particular story does have a tie in with one of his previous novels that makes it even better when you’ve read both, but don’t let that stop you from picking up this book today. You’ll have action, adventure, and healing!

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Side Trip by Kerry Lonsdale

What happens on the road, stays on the road. And if you take a side trip, both parties have to agree! That’s the message in this insanely good, yet messy romance that occurs when two strangers inadvertently meet at a diner in California and agree to spontaneous road trip together following historic Route 66 to Chicago!

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Promised Land by Robert Whitlow

We couldn’t wait to get our hands on this sequel and we were not disappointed. The continuation of Hana and Daud’s journey was nourishment to our souls. Hana has become one of our favorite characters out of any book read. We only hope to see a future book!

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Brave Girl, Quiet Girl by Catherine Ryan Hyde

Each time we pick up a new Catherine Ryan Hyde story, we find ourselves amazed at how wonderfully she can write a novel. It doesn’t matter what the story is about, we are pulled in and fly through the pages each time. Each new book by Hyde explores themes that are relevant to today’s world and this is no exception, we see the problem of acceptance, love, homelessness and LGBTQ issues. There is nothing that gets graphic or too heavy into these topics, but it does bring to light problems that can be glossed over and easy to ignore.

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