Top Nonfiction for 2019

It’s that time of year again when we reflect on our favorite picks for each of our genre categories.  We’re going to kick it off with nonfiction!  There were some new authors that brought some serious competition to this category.  Any of these will easily be a great read.

Fix Her Upper1. Fix Her Upper: Reclaim Your Happy by Beth Duewel & Rhonda Rhea

Sometimes we all need a little help finding our happy space when life tries to hide it from us. Rhonda Rhea and Beth Duewel deliver a wonderful guide to help readers reclaim the happy that many haven’t even realize is lost.  This book has the ability to give you a rejuvenation.

Check out the full review here.






2. Unruffled: Thriving in Chaos by Edie Melson & Rhonda Rhea

A delightful combination of wit, charm and charisma to help us deal with the craziness in life that can cause us to become unruffled.

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3. 100 Words of Affirmation Your Husband (Or Wife) Needs to Hear by Lisa Jacobson and Matt Jacobson

These two books are full of wisdom that couples tend to take for granted.  Do these together as a couple and you will find things out about each other.

Read the full review here for husband.

Read the full review here for wife.




Power prayers


4. Powerful Prayers for your Son by Rob & Joanna Teigen

A wonderful tool for all parents of boys as they grow and go through the difficult times life will throw their way.

Read the full review here.






yours truly


5. Yours Truly, John by Traci Stead

Traci Stead does an outstanding job crafting a story that will bring readers closer to Jesus and the miracles he performed by giving us scripture from the past and stories from the present in a thought-provoking study for all.

Read the full review here.

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