A Christmas by the Sea

A christmas by the seaAuthor: Melody Carlson

Publisher: Revell

Release Date: September 4, 2018

Reviewer: Jennifer S. Roman

Wendy Harper and her son Jackson are driving to Seaside, Maine, the weekend before Thanksgiving to clean up and prepare her recently-inherited seaside cottage for sale.  A recent widow, Wendy can use the proceeds from the sale of the cottage to pay for her late husband’s medical bills and to get herself back on solid ground financially.  It’s going to be hard, considering all the summers she spent with her grandparents in that cabin, and Jackson is especially excited to be going there.  Jackson assumes they are moving from their home in Cincinnati to live in Seaside full time, and she doesn’t have the heart to correct him.  She herself entertains the fantasy of living in the tourist town, but she doesn’t expect to find a good income there.  She definitely does not expect to find the cabin in good shape after her grandfather has done some recent updates, and more importantly, she does not expect to make so many friends so quickly.  One in particular, Caleb Colton, seems to take an interest in Wendy and Jackson, and with all the work she has to do at the cottage, she is happy to accept.  As she finishes her projects and comes to love the house, Wendy has to decide if she really can go back to her old life again, right before Christmas.

True to form, Melody Carlson creates a sweet story with personal conflicts that immediately garner interest from the reader.  Her light writing style makes the story go quickly, leaving readers wanting more.  I know that as I went through the book, I was looking forward to finding out what would happen next.  The whole book was enjoyable and, while dealing with some serious concerns, still light and easy to read.

One criticism of the book comes at the end, and that is the big problem.  The book unfolds nicely and does a good job of moving along at a good pace.  By the end, however, everything was resolved in just a few pages.  What life-changing decisions Wendy and Jackson are making are wrapped up like a bow, neat and tidy.  While I am all for getting through things in an efficient manner, it seems overly simple and quick, even for a short romance novel.  While I enjoyed the ending, it was all too quick and simple to overlook.  That being said, I still enjoyed the book and would gladly recommend it to my friends who enjoy the genre.

There is nothing in this book that should be offensive to readers.  The story is short and sweet yet still carries a strong message of hope and relating to the past.  I don’t see any reason that anyone who would be interested in this book shouldn’t read it.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher.  The views and opinions expressed within are my own.

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