Sold on a Monday

Sold on a MondayAuthor: Kristina McMorris

Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark

Release Date: August 28, 2018

Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewer: Jessica Higgins

A riveting tale of how everyday choices can have a massive ripple effect for those around us!

Ellis Reed has been working as a reporter in the social section of the Philadelphia Examiner in depression era 1931. He didn’t plan to have this gig; he hoped to be one of the top feature reporters, but he will take what he can get when so many people don’t have work or money.  In route back to Philadelphia from an assignment, he sees two kids on a porch with a sign indicating that they are for sale.  Troubled by the sight, Ellis takes out his camera and snaps a photo that will forever change his life.

Lily Palmer works at the Philadelphia Examiner as the chief’s assistant. When she collects the photos that Ellis Reed has developed, one photo of two boys for sale breaks her heart.  Recognizing the excellent shot, she slips this into the chief who calls Ellis in to write a feature to this story.  Even though this become Ellis’s big break, the consequences of the photo become devastating.  Lily is distraught by the role she has played in this and teams up with Ellis to try to right what has turned out so wrong.

This was an incredible story that I couldn’t put down. Even the synopsis had me hooked.  There is so much at work in this story.  Ellis is your typical hard working individual that never seems to get ahead.  He finally gets his big break and almost has it snatched away from him, but he still manages to get it, but he has to compromise his values to make it happen.  From there it becomes just a little bit easier to keep chipping away at those values until you find that your no better than the people in the story you’re writing about.  Once Ellis essentially hits rock bottom in his life, he realizes that the has to turn this back around and make some tough choices.

Lily in much the same way has made some past mistakes that she is making up for in life. Fortunately , she has a very supportive family to help her make her career dreams a reality.  She has an ulterior motive for helping Ellis throughout the story, but it is very understandable when it is revealed.   Ellis and Lily have an undeniable chemistry throughout the book that isn’t forced, more built up with tension as the reader continues through the story.

There is a mystery that surrounds this story that isn’t revealed until about halfway into the book. At that point, it just adds to the lure of the story and about doubles the reading pace because it’s so intriguing.  There is some very mild language throughout the book, but nothing that should sway any readers.  This is probably going to be my top pick for historical fiction this year by far!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher. The views and opinions expressed within are my own.

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