Susan May Warren Interview


We were able to catch up with Susan May Warren and ask a few questions in anticipation of her upcoming July release A Matter of Trust.  She has a lot of interesting things brewing and we hope you learn something new about her as well!

Where did the idea for the Montana rescue series come from?

The Montana Rescue series is a six book series about the PEAK Rescue team, a search-and-rescue outfit located in the shadow of Glacier National Park. With a ongoing thread of mystery that runs through each book, each book highlights one member of the team, exploring their challenges, hopes and romances as they face danger and sacrifice. Set against the rugged, beautiful backdrop of Montana, the stories are taken from real-life events that show us just how faithful God in when our darkest fears come true.  It’s epic adventure and romance with a touch of wilderness suspense that I think my readers—both old and new—will love.

The next book, A Matter of Trust, is the third in the series, is it going to be the last or do you have any plans to continue with these characters? 

This is only the middle book! There’s sooooo much more fun ahead with the characters we met and come to love. Book four features Sierra, the team administrator;  book five features Ty, the co-helicopter pilot, and the final book is about Pete and Jess, the team EMTs.  And, of course, we still have to solve the mystery threat!

Do you prefer the romance or suspense scenes?

Oh, boy, I love them both. Both contain elements of risk and romance, right?  Because we fall in love with each other as we see our heroes or heroines save others. But there is always an element of risk when we give out our heart in a romantic scene. So, maybe the question is…is there really a difference between the two scenes in a well-written romantic suspense?

Which character in this series has been your favorite to write?

I think I love the romance between Pete and Jess the most—they’re both so capable, but have dark, painful secrets that keep them from giving out their hearts. I am enjoying watching their romance develop (or fall apart!)

When writing do you have any sort of routine to help you get the words flowing?

I talk through the scene with my writing partner, Rachel Hauck, before I start writing it, and that helps me know what I’m going to write and get into the emotion of the character. I also figure out the blocking (how the characters will move in the scene) as well as the stakes and tension of the scene. Once I talk it out, it’s much easier to start writing.

Who are some of your favorite authors and recent books you have read?

I’m a huge fan of Rachel Hauck—she’s my go-to beach read. And I love Ronie Kendig and Dee Henderson. I’m also a fan of Melissa Tagg and Beth Vogt. And I am a recent fan of Lori Benton.  As for recent books—I just finished Rachel’s newest book, The Wedding Shop.

What is on your to be read list?

I recently download a number of Tamara Leigh’s books, so I’ll be reading through her historical time-travel series. I also have Dani Pettrey and Lynette Eason’s newest books in the wings, so lots to fill up my weekends!

What project are you working on next?

I just finished the rough draft of Ian and Sierra’s story, book four in the Montana Rescue series, so I’ll be working on rewrites and editing that project. It’s set in the Caribbean, so maybe I need a little more research, too!

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