Code Name: Papa

code-name-papaAuthor: John Murray

Publisher: Archway Publishing

Release Date: September 30, 2015

Rating: 4 Stars

Reviewer: Jessica Higgins

Ever wonder about who keeps evil out of everyday life? Just know that Papa’s taking care of it.

Just when you think you are living a mediocre life, everything gets turned upside down. That’s what happened to John Murray.  He joined up to serve in the Vietnam War and made two close friends named Jake and Bill.  After a disaster where everyone believed John to be dead, he was picked up by a Japanese freighter and delivered back to the United States where he was reunited with Jake and Bill.  Soon, Jake’s father says that he wants to have a meeting with all three where he briefs them into the intelligence world, should they choose to accept.  Jake’s father is code named Papa.  After their first few missions, Papa calls them back in and explains that he has stage four cancer and only has weeks to live.  From now on, John will be Papa.  The adventures that ensue include several missions throughout the world for several different governments and agencies.  Kill missions, cleanups, arms deals, you name it, this team did it.  But at what cost to keep people safe?  Marriages, health, families, and sanity all suffer.  But in the end, they know they can’t turn their back.

This is an eye opening read. The amount of conspiracy throughout the world is staggering.  The amount within the United States own borders and even military is even more alarming.  I was shocked to learn of how this team was used to clean up high ranking officers that had gone rogue because the Uniform Code of Military Justice wouldn’t be effective or cause too much bad PR for the US.  Not to mention that a US sanctioned team would be used by Russia in the 1970s and 1980s to handle their dirty work.  I guess it just goes to show that you don’t know what you don’t know.

Overall, this was a really interesting book that was very fast paced. There is a lot of emotion throughout the book based on what happened to several of the different team members.  From suicide to murder, it is all in there.  And no one outside the direct team knew what was going on.  It was well written and kept my attention throughout the book.  If you like real life espionage, then this one is for you.  However, there is a considerable amount of foul language, so only mature audiences should read this book.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher. The views and opinions expressed within are my own.

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