Interview with Bonnie Calhoun

After the release of her newest book Storm, Bonnie Calhoun gave Write-Read-Life some insights on the series.  We hope you enjoy the interview!  If you are more interested in Bonnie’s books, please see our Bonnie S. Calhoun page or visit her site directly at

  1. What an interesting series, where did the idea come from?

Thank you for that compliment. Part of the idea for Stone Braide Chronicles came from my resurgent love of dystopian literature and the timeless struggle of the human spirit to survive no matter the circumstances. And the second part of my idea is the end times scenario. I’m always wondering and imagining in what form the writings in the book of Revelation will come about and how much, if anything, people here in this country will have to do with it.

  1. I enjoyed all of the characters but have a few favorites, Rylla, Selah, and Mari.  Which Characters did you enjoy writing the most?

All of my characters are my favorite…at the time I’m writing them (moms have to say that about all their kids J) But a real favorite was Mari because I made her whole world so unconventional, and I’d love to go back and explore that tree world as a series. Image living in a treehouse community lit up like a fairyland at night! LOL…my home is log, so I think I just have an affinity for trees.


  1. Are there plans to continue the series in any way?


Surge and Storm are the last two stories in this present series. Surge is the FREE digital short story you should read between Lightning and Storm. It gives you a possible solution to a piece of the puzzle that you won’t know otherwise J While Storm ends this present story; it does give openings for revisits to other locations. Who knows what the future holds. I have a million stories in my head J If the series builds enough traction I may write more of them.

  1. What made you set the scenes in the areas you did?

Hmmm, that is a very interesting question! I started out picking Dominion for the first story because I had first hand knowledge of the Dominion building, and Norfolk was a good distance from the present location of Mt. Weather which I turn into The Mountain. I wanted the image of the ruined ancient rollercoaster off the Boardwalk and aforeshadowing dome off in the ocean, so Atlantic City was the perfect location for the second book to start. And for the third book… LOL…locations were chosen for distance I wanted the characters to travel before an incident. I just let my fingers travel over Google Maps and then over the Amtrack route from Chicago to the Pacific Northwest which they traveled by a train run with a steam engine.

  1. What was the hardest part of writing the series?

Ohhh! The hardest part of the series to write was the ending! I have so many other suitable adventures for Selah to travel while she explores her new abilities and finds new pitfalls and more evil enemies! And I picked up several locations like the forest city that I’d love to set whole series. Ohhhh, it was so hard to say goodbye but alas! Parting is such sweet sorrow. J

  1. Were you influenced by any other books or writers when writing this?

No I wasn’t influenced while writing it but I was definitely influenced BEFORE I started writing it by the Hunger Games, the Divergent series, The Giver, and others. These series and their ensuing movies gave new definition to the direction of dystopian fiction and opened a whole Pandora’s box of “what if’s” for me to explore. I like the thought of triumph through extraordinary events and it’s especially compelling when it’s young people. It gives so much hope to the future no matter the timeframe or circumstances.

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