When Love Arrives

when-love-arrivesAuthor: Johnnie Alexander

Series: Misty Willow #2

Publisher: Revell

Release Date: September 20, 2016

Rating: 4 Stars

Reviewer: Jessica Higgins

Getting revenge is never as easy as it sounds, something Dani Prescott is about to find out.

Dani Prescott has grand ambitions of getting revenge of Brett Somers, the man who bad mouthed her mother, the pilot of the plane crash that killed his parents. Her mother died in the crash as well.  After watching him in an interview that blamed her mother, she set out to find something on him that would make him look just as bad.  Now she finds herself out on a date with him.  Not what she had planned.  As things progress she starts to think he might not be the man she thought he was and her plans quickly unravel.  Brett knows Dani is hiding something, he just isn’t sure what.  He doesn’t want to push her, he has secrets of his own.  As both of their secrets come to light, they have to decide if what they were starting to feel for each other will outweigh the truth of the past.

When Love Arrives is a story that readers of the Christian, contemporary romance genre will really enjoy.  The story starts with Dani and Brett meeting and Dani’s plans falling apart as she finds herself on a date with Brett.  Thinking maybe she can use this to her advantage, she agrees to go and has an unexpectedly nice time. I can understand being upset if someone bad mouths a family member you care about, but the extremes that Dani goes to, or plans to go to, in order to get back at Brett are a little farfetched.  She sets out to get revenge on him and instead falls in love with him.  I can kind of see that happening but some things just didn’t fall in place as well as they could have.

Overall there is nothing that stands out in this story as something that will really grab you and hook you. I liked the aspect of Brett finding out he had a son and the way he played that out.  In trying to establish him as a good guy instead of the young, immature, screw-up he had been in the past was a nice way to go about showing his changes.  The story had a nice flow and didn’t take very long to read.  I didn’t realize until I was finished that this was the second book of the Misty Willow series but I didn’t see that as a problem.  Having not read the first, I don’t think it would matter if you read them in order or started with this one.  The overall theme of finding forgiveness instead of looking for revenge was nice.  The only way to be happy is to find those good positive things instead of hanging onto the negative.  A lesson we all need to remember from time to time.

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