BlackoutAuthor: David Rosenfelt

Publisher: Minotaur

Release Date: January 5, 2016

Rating: 4 Stars

Reviewer: Jessica Higgins

Rosenfelt is branching out from his Andy Carpenter mysteries with Blackout and keeps the mystery going till the end.

Doug Brock is a New Jersey state police officer on a mission. He has been suspended from the department for chasing Nicholas Bennett, a criminal he has a personal stake in bringing down.  After getting shot and ending up with retrograde amnesia, he is now even more dedicated to finding out what he was looking into and how he got hurt.  Doug works with his partner Nate and his now ex-fiancé, Jessie.  Working together they uncover lies and secrets that start to expose corruption, and a possible terrorist plot bigger than any before.  As the secrets come to light, Doug realizes he is in deep and many lives are at stake and not everyone will come out alive.

Rosenfelt is known for his Andy Carpenter mysteries which I enjoy so I was curious to see how this new story would stake up compared to the Carpenter series. One of the nicest things about Rosenfelt and his writing is it is concise and to the point, no fluff that brings so many stories to an abrupt halt.  This one confused me at first with the way it started.  I thought it was going to be more about Nate and then it switched to Doug.  Other than that small confusion at the beginning, the story flowed nicely and kept the suspense throughout.  Even though this is a plot that can sometimes be overdone with the amnesia it was still an enjoyable story.  There was a personal aspect to it with his failed relationship and having a second chance to make it work.  Jessie was a fun character that helped to keep Doug in line like few could.  My main negative to say about this, and most Rosenfelt books is the use of harsh language.  I know that might not bother most people but for me it is a turn off.  Otherwise it was a very quick and enjoyable read.

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