Sea Rose Lane

Sea Rose LaneAuthor: Irene Hannon

Series: Hope Harbor

Publisher: Revell

Release Date: June 7, 2016

Reviewer: Jessica Higgins

With characters that are meant to be together and a story that intertwines them in a natural way, Sea Rose Lane is not to be missed.

Eric Nash was on the fast track to making partner at his law firm when he suddenly found himself out of a job. Not wanting to stay and dwell on the loss, he headed to the town he grew up and finds his dad is transforming his childhood home into a bed and breakfast.  The last thing he wants is a relationship, but when the architect and construction chief, BJ Stevens hammers her way into his life it is almost unavoidable.  BJ isn’t looking for romance either.  She has been burned in the past and is trying to focus her energy on her work and helping the seniors in Hope Harbor.  They both fight their feelings as hard as possible hoping that they can move past and keep from having heartache or a blossoming romance that is a force all its own.

Irene Hannon is one of the top writers when it comes to Christian romantic fiction. She knows how to tell the story with characters that are meant to be, even if those characters don’t want to admit it to themselves.  I have read several of Hannon’s novels and enjoy her romantic thrillers.  Usually these are heavy on romance and light on the thriller aspect.  This novel was not a thriller and the romance flowed throughout with an even pace and made the character’s trajectory of coming together very natural.  I have not read the first in the Hope Harbor series but didn’t find that to be a problem with understanding any of the story here.  I liked BJ, a strong independent woman who was perfectly capable of taking care of herself but didn’t let that keep her from dreaming about being with a man she knew could make her happy.  This was a very quick read with likable character and a story that was very enjoyable.  I will recommend this to anyone that enjoys a good contemporary romance.

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