The Wolf’s Boy

Wolfs boyAuthor: Susan Williams Beckhorn

Publisher: Disney Hyperion

Release Date: June 7, 2016

Reviewer: Jessica Higgins

Two creatures brought together, alone they will die, but together they just might be strong enough to survive.

Kai was born with a club foot and has been labeled Tabat, a disgrace to his family and tribe. He wants nothing more than to become a hunter like his brother and the other men of their clan.  However, that is difficult since he is forbidden to use or touch a weapon.  On the day he was born, his father left him to die with the wolves.  Fate had other plans.  The wolves kept him alive and his mother came for him.  Ever since he has had a bond with the wolves that has become stronger than he has felt with anyone else.  One day he finds a motherless cub about to die.  He risks becoming an even bigger outcast with his tribe to care for the cub.  As the seasons change, the wolf cub grows bigger and becomes a threat to the clan.  It is only a matter of time before something happens and Kai knows his people won’t hesitate to kill his wolf.  He can’t let that happen.  Together they leave and head in the only direction he knows no one will look for him, north.  There is danger that will test the bond he has with his wolf and his will to survive.

There is more to this story than it first seems. The tribe’s willingness to shun Kai because of his deformity and lack of support for anything he tries to do leads him to find comfort in the only ones ever willing to help him, the wolves.  At times it seemed as if the family dynamic was going to come around but never did.  The best thing about Kai was his determination.  Everyone else might have given up on him but he wasn’t going to give up on himself.  Kai and his wolf become a pair that rely on each other.  That bond is what drives the story.  It is hard for a story to be driven without the human to human bond and connection but here it played out well.  This was a very fun read that I think kids will enjoy.  It flows smoothly with creative moments between boy and wolf.  I always like to cheer for the underdog.  In The Wolf’s Boy I had two underdogs to cheer for and watch as they developed a strong bond and became a team to be reckoned with.  This is the first I have read of Susan Williams Beckhorn.  Her writing was fun and just what young readers need to enjoy a good book.

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