Untitled-9Author: Steven James

Series: Blur Trilogy

Publisher: Skyscape

Release Date: April 2015

Reviewer: Jessica Higgins

Another fantastic read by Steven James. Even more twist and turns than the first.

Daniel Byers is hoping things are back to normal for him. Until his blurs return and his dad mysteriously disappears. The key to finding his dad lies in deciphering his chilling hallucinations. Along with his missing father, he is trying to understand a new mystery from his blurs. A girl keeps appearing to him trying to tell him something and then bursting into flames. She is somehow connected to his family. He also talks to his mom and that only adds more questions to the mix. Why did she leave? What is she keeping from him? How is he going to find and save his dad? And can he answer all these questions before it is too late?

Steven James is one of the best writers out there. His second novel in the Blur Trilogy does not disappoint. The characters are relatable as well as appealing and the mystery they are trying to solve will drag you deeper with every page.  Breaking this story into parts adds another edge to the story making it hard to put down. The mystery of if someone is even real, or just imagined by Daniel and even imagined by his ancestors is so well written you can find yourself in his position. I love the way James can take a story, any story, and make the reader feel as if they are inside the characters head. One of the differences in this compared to the first in the series is breaking up and showing multiple points of view. We get to see more of the town and how other characters relate to Daniel and what he is going through.

The theme that the protagonist can also be the antagonist drives us to wonder if we can trust anything Daniel says or does. The stage is set at the end for the conclusion of the series that is sure to be more complicated and even more intense. Having a new YA out there without language or anything is refreshing. Even in his adult books James refrains from harsh language or sex. So few writers think this can’t be done without keeping the story moving. It would be nice if more could make this a habit.

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