Fading Starlight

Fading StarlightAuthor: Kathryn Cushman

Publisher: Bethany House

Release Date: May 3, 2016

Reviewer: Jessica Higgins

Great read for anyone experience inner conflict or self-esteem issues!

Lauren Summers is living her dream career. She has been given a prestigious intern position at a well-known Los Angeles fashion house.  She even managed to work on a dress for the current hottest teen sensation.  She gained her trust and made some last minute modifications to the dress to give the young girl a sense of adulthood, but keep her appearance innocent for her publicity.  On awards night the dress looks great until during an award presentation, an accidental step on the dress causes it to come ripping off exposing the young girl in her underwear.

Within minutes, Lauren receives a text message that she is fired and soon her name is publicly humiliated across television. With no other options, she takes a position as a costume designer for a high school drama group in Santa Barbara.  It has less than meager pay, but fortunately there is a theater donor that allows her to live in a house so that she can babysit the contractors working on it.  There is a mysterious, reclusive neighbor next door that doesn’t seem to want Lauren around and tries multiple times to have her removed from the neighborhood.  But Lauren feels that she is somehow supposed to help this elderly lady.  Has everything happened just to have her meet this lady that is tied back to Hollywood sixty years ago?

Once again, Kathryn Cushman has an awesome story on her hands! I have also read her book Finding Me and the story lines were similar.  The main character is a young girl that has experienced recent trouble.  She relocates to a new area and befriends an elderly person that needs some sort of help.  And in the end, the young girl has a romance kindled.  Even so, the circumstances and stories were completely different.

I really enjoy the California coast, so anytime I have the opportunity to read a book that is set there, the scenery always comes easily. I also identify with the Lauren’s character.  Recently I have gone through events that have really challenged the identity of my career of choice.  So much so that I thought I was going to lose any footing that I had in it.  But then, I’ve found that the new path I’ve taken has really opened several more doors for me.  Thank you for helping me realize that my journey is going in a positive direction along with Lauren’s.

There were several spiritual elements in this book. Many uplifting verses as well as some that constitute warnings.  The prayers in this book were very powerful and it also helps to see how much you need friends in the faith.  Readers will not be disappointed in Fading Starlight!

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