Sister Dear – Laura McNeill

sister-dearRelease Date: April 19, 2016

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

A psychological thriller that played on my love for profiling the antagonist, even if it was a little predictable.

Allie has spent the last ten years of her life in the Arrendale State Penitentiary in Northern Georgia for a crime she didn’t commit. Accused and convicted of the murder of her hometown’s high school football coach, Allie watched her dreams of medical school and seeing her daughter grow up get washed away.  Now she is back in Brunswick and is shunned by those she once called friends.  Even her own daughter doesn’t want to see her, which kills Allie on the inside.  Her sister Emma was the only person who came to visit her every month of those ten years.  But how well does she know her sister.  She has been raising her daughter in her absence, but this have changed now that Allie has come home.  Her behavior has gotten more erratic and unpredictable.  Perhaps her sister dear has more to the story that has turned her life upside down.

I always enjoy a good mystery, especially a who-done-me-wrong kind of story that I found with Sister Dear.  The book is told from five different viewpoints to give the reader multiple perspectives.  This really helped in developing the characters.  Even so, I feel that Natalie’s point of view, which only occurred once, could have been condensed with that of Sheriff Gaines to not have an additional person to follow.  Aside from that, everyone’s personality was very believable.  Especially 15 year old Caroline, who really played her part quite well.  The book jumps around between viewpoints quite a bit and jumps back and forth between past and present, but McNeill does a good job of indicating when this happens and what time period that you are visiting.

The setting for this is south coastal Georgia, which is a beautiful place. The way the McNeill described it took me out to the islands and felt the breeze blow the pages across my fingers.  Even so, my main qualm with the book was the predictability of it.  Within the first fifty pages I had correctly guessed who was actually responsible for the murder.  However, there was definitely a twist between the coach and the sheriff that I didn’t see coming.  Recommended for those who like psychological thrillers.

2 thoughts on “Sister Dear – Laura McNeill

  1. Thank you for your detailed and heartfelt review! It means the world to me when readers share their honest opinions – and it helps us, as authors, craft better stories!

    Thank you for showcasing the Sister Dear on your blog and for sharing the story with your readers!!!

    xo, Laura


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