Kingdom Keepers: The Return Book 1

KK_The_Return_CoverAuthor: Ridley Pearson

Publisher: Disney Hyperion

Just when the Keepers thought their lives could get back to normal, things start up again in the Magic Kingdom that require their special skills.

Finn knows no one believes him, but deep down he can’t get over the fact that things might not be over in the Kingdom. They all thought they defeated the Overtakers and were prepared to move on with their lives, but now things don’t seem so simple.  Clues keep popping up from Wayne, their mentor, that suggest there is one last puzzle for them to solve before they can move on and put everything behind them.  Together they must solve the puzzle of the past or be crushed under an evil that makes the Overtakers seem like gentle souls.

I was excited when I saw this book coming out. I thought the Keeper series was finished with book seven, which I enjoyed, but wasn’t my favorite.  I wasn’t sure which direction this story was going to head since the series seemed to be tied up neatly at the end of KK7.  Surprisingly there was a nice little twist that gave the start of this new series a nice direction to head, backwards.  It may sound strange but it worked well here.  The return worked nicely for me because it was set up differently.  In the original KK series, things seemed to drag at times, too much detail that could have been cut down.  Here the story was more concise and held my attention much better.  I also liked the way it went back and forth between Orlando and California working in the story of Finn and the Keepers with Amanda, Jess and their new group.

One of the nicest things about Pearson and his writing of these books is the history of Disney. The reader gets to find out about the history of the parks without actually having to read a history of the parks.  Here we get action, adventure, suspense, history all rolled into one.  Disney, whether it be movies, the parks, books, T.V. or anything else out there, is something that is ageless.  Young and old can enjoy together.  This is the type of book that can be read by a parent to a child and both will enjoy.  I think Pearson did a much better job with this story than the last few KK novels toning it down and making it more enjoyable.  It was a good length with just the right amount of everything included.  With this being the start of the new series I can’t wait to see what adventures he takes us on.

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