The Choosing

The ChoosingA new story by a new Dekker that keeps you wanting more.


When Carrington Hale isn’t chosen at the ceremony she has been preparing for her whole life she thinks something much be wrong. She is ripped from her family and will now spend the rest of her life serving as a Lint, the lowest level of society, following the way of the Authority. As Carrington begins her new life there are rumors of rebellion and talk that rattle her beliefs. All of a sudden Carrington is offered an unprecedented chance at the life she has always anted and dreamed of having.  It’s an opportunity to be chosen once again. No one ever gets a second chance like this and she doesn’t want to blow it. Before things even have a chance to become a dream come true it all turns into a nightmare.  The Authority is not what it first seemed and now Carrington is in over her hear with no way she can see of escaping. The truth is the only thing that can set her free, but finding that truth is not going to be easy.


I have been a fan of Ted Dekker for a very long time and was excited to see a new book coming out by his daughter. Everything behind the story sounded interesting and I was eager to give it a try.  Let me first say that it was a very good book.  For a debut novel it flowed well and had characters that were very engaging.  Carrington and what she had to go through, and the way Dekker portrayed her and Remko brought them to life.  The story itself flowed without many of the problems first time authors seem to bring about. Just the thought of having to live your life preparing yourself for someone else to deem you worthy of being chosen and still falling short is hard to fathom. In a world where we are judged by almost everything we do, especially with social media and so many other outlets for others to look into our lives and judge everything we do. It is something we all want and strive to attain, being chosen, in one way or another. To have that be all you are worth and to not be chosen says you are worthless.  A harsh reality for anyone.


Rachelle Dekker does a great job of bringing this story to life but it is hard for me to say it is fully hers. I see a lot of her father in the writing here. Especially his most recent works and having heard him speak this sounds very familiar.  There is a touch of the Circle series along with The Books of Mortals and Outlaw in her writing.  It would be almost impossible for her to not be influenced by the writing and beliefs of her father, I guess I just wasn’t expecting to see so much of him in this novel.


I still recommend this book highly. Especially in a world obsessed with YA dystopian novels, this is a refreshing book with a message that needs to be heard. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.