A Reason to Stay

A Reason to StayAuthor: Kellie Coates Gilbert

Series: Texas Gold #3

Publisher: Revell

Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewer: Jessica Higgins

A romance tale that is sure to get you hooked. A cross between The Vow and Fireproof!

Faith Marin is working towards everything she ever wanted. She has worked her way into a local Houston television station and hopes to become an anchor.  While out on her first assignment, a pro bass fishing tournament, she meets Geary.  A self-sworn single lady, she suddenly falls in love with his charm and good looks.  But his family is a little overbearing.  Believing that they can make it, they get married.  Before long, Faith and Geary begin to realize they are both internally different.  Faith is career driven and Geary is family oriented.  With their marriage on the rocks, Faith goes out onto assignment one morning when a tragedy strikes her location.  Can she and Geary find the love they’ve lost before it’s too late?

This is by far Kellie Coates Gilbert’s best novel to date.  The intensity that she put into this book really showed through the entire reading.  Things are moving along at a good pace when you suddenly get to the tragedy reference above (no spoilers here) and goes on a rapid pace after that.  After that, the story switches back and forth from present day to Faith and Geary’s backstory, letting the reader see behind the curtain to understand how the characters got to where they are.

The characters are very well developed, if not a bit stereotyped. Even so, they all play their parts perfectly.  Each one was believable and made me feel what I was supposed to: love, shock, joy, hurt, etc.  I mentioned that this is a cross between The Vow and Fireproof and it really is.  It is about the husband trying to keep his wife’s love through affection and faith.  If you haven’t ready any of her books yet, start with this one.