VendettaAuthor: Lisa Harris

Series: Nikki Boyd Files #1

Publisher: Revell

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Reviewer: Jessica Higgins

A tight story with twists that leave you looking over your shoulder till the very end.

Nikki Boyd is a detective with the Tennessee Missing Person Task Force and is driven by personal reasons with every case she is assigned. Ten years ago her sister went missing and it is still an unsolved case.  When a Polaroid photo of a missing girl shows up at a crime scene, she is taken back to the day her sister went missing and a similar photo was found with the scared face of her sister staring back at her.  With each step she takes, she feels herself getting closer to the abductor and the case becomes more and more personal.

As the first book in the new Nikki Boyd Files Lisa Harris is moving up on my list of favorite authors. This story is much better than some of the previous I have read by her which consisted more of skimming than actual reading.  The characters here were engaging and the story flowed nonstop with twist and turns throughout.  The kidnapping plot and Nikki becoming a detective to find her sister was familiar to another I have recently read but had enough differences to make the story its own.  Nikki and Taylor have the makings of a nice couple which I see happening in the next book.

Of all the Lisa Harris books I have read this is probably the best. Her writing is getting better and much more engaging. It will be interesting to see where the next book takes us.